Let's Talk

A Country Practice


A Country Practice "Strike a pose" 

Entries close 11.59pm 31 December 2020 

Winners Announced on the 29 January 2021 "Let's Talk A Country Practice" event between 7.30pm-9pm  

Only 10 entries will be chosen

How to enter:

1. Work out what to wear 

2. Where will you record it

3. Practice some different poses 

4. Get a friend to hold your phone and record you for about 10 Secs max

5. Upload the MP4

Where do I start?

1. Search for ideas and inspiration online 

2. Watch episodes of ACP opening credits 

What will I win?

Gift certificates will be given to people who participate for the 2021 40th ACP Anniversary Celebration hosted by www.acountrypractice.net.au and will not be redeemed for cash at anytime. Please note that a gift certificate may not cover the full cost of the event at the time. 

All entries: Email to [email protected] 

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